Priests and Kings

Exodus 19: 6 ‘And ye shall be unto me a kingdom of priests, and an holy nation. These are the words which thou shalt speak unto the children of Israel’

1 Peter 2:9‘But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people that ye should show forth the praises of him who has called you out of darkness into his marvelous light …’

Is there a purpose to all the stories in the Bible? Is there a purpose to this all-engaging worship? Can faith not be done in an arms length arrangement? Can one not believe that there is a God without reading a book this God is supposed to have written through people, get to know a son he is supposed to have birthed through a virgin, and be among people alleged to be of like faith called the church – who largely have human failings? If it cannot, then is this worship to just get us to heaven or to make stuff good on earth? Can there be a joinder of heaven and earth?

As legitimate as these questions are being made to sound by a world anxious to shake the yoke of Jesus Christ off them, those who have truly received His gift of salvation know why the answer to each of these questions is yes, no or both. As much as the Lord is spirit, the Bible clarifies that His presence is tangible in angels, historical events that were originally prophesied, and events that are incomprehensible except for the fact that God is Lord and His word is truth. Jesus is a historical figure who lived on this earth. Jesus’ lordship can be seen in His footprints in every arena of civilization since His life, death and resurrection approximately 2018 years ago (yes, the global calendar is determined in relation to Jesus, and Jesus alone).

Many have encountered the supernatural in the testimonies of Christian walk. People continue to encounter Him supernaturally, apart from the daily expression of millions living out their faith. Read and examine the work of artist Akiane Kramarik, who painted Jesus, and whose visions are expressed in her extraordinary art. Read the heavenly experience of Colton Burpo, and his recognition of the Jesus he met in Akiane’s art. Listen to the encounter of heaven and hell that Reverend Liane Koffie of the Lord’s Garden Ministry in Accra had. I particularly love Reverend Kakra Baiden of Lighthouse Chapel’s recounts of Jesus’ visits with him. It is difficult not to appreciate the deep emotions and testimonies of Jim Caviezel who played Jesus Christ’s cruxifiction and resurrection when he was 33 years old (yes, same initials, same age. How uncanny is that?) in the Passion of the Christ. He cannot get over the experiences he went through that established beyond reasonable doubt for him, the work of Jesus in salvation, and the truth of the Bible.

What more do we need to appreciate the tangibility of the supernatural in this faith? Jesus told the rich man who found to his great distress that heaven and hell were real that even if someone were to return to the earth from the dead, people will still choose not to believe the message of the gospel. How sad. How difficult. But should we choose to believe, here is the good news.

The mystery of the Bible is that it presents a transaction that spans heaven and earth. A great enterprise involving heaven and earth through which all humanity must receive the free gift of God executed through God when He became a human being – the savior Jesus Christ. An incredible story with credibility constantly thrown in our faces by prophecies settled by history, events establishing His presence on earth, and a vibrant, pulsating crowd of humanity called the church – whose claim to faith is seen through their struggles. A transaction designed by a creator who refuses to force His will on the created, and presents to them a choice to love Him or reject his love, but who never stops asking. A transaction designed in love, executed through inexplicable love, sustained by love.

Should you accept this love, you become part of a family. ‘As many as received Him, to them gave He power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe in His name’ (John 1:12). A supernatural family. In this family, you do not function only as a child. You grow, on the milk, bread, meat of the word. You are filled with God’s Spirit. You have an inheritance within a kingdom, and a role to play in the kingdom. A kingdom that stretches over all the earth. Made of those who accept in faith, the word that Jesus died to reconcile man with God.

Exodus 19 and 20 reflect perhaps the most dramatic scenes in a book full of dramas. God’s physical presence breaking out on, and voice speaking to a mass of people at the same time. I think there’s an exciting purpose to all the drama that comes with Christianity. It helps to confront our faith, and commitment to live it out. Do you accept the Bible as truth? Do you accept Jesus as Lord? Do you live with the awareness that you are part of a kingdom of priests? Saved to turn the world to their God who so loved them, that He came to earth as the son, so that whoever believes in him should not perish in eternity, but have everlasting life? There is a purpose to this faith. Please find it.

Prayer: Lord, you saved me to be part of the body of Christ. I have a part to play in telling of your great enterprise of saving all humanity from the devastating effect of sin and control of the devil and reconciling all things to your self through Jesus Christ. I have a part to play in demystifying the cross and its work. I have a part to play in establishing your kingdom of righteousness, peace and joy on earth. I have a part to play in reflecting your love and gracious blessings. Please help me to find that part and do it well. I pray for grace. Amen


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