Woman 1: I don’t mean to grumble but did you hear the message sent three mornings ago?

Woman 2: (laughs so hard she falls on the floor) I have had my fill of miracles! Awoooeiii. What is this? Wash your clothes. No making out between men and women. For three days, make sure no one tells lies. You are all going to see God. I thought God is in the pillar of fire at night? Isn’t that God?

 Woman 1: (mimics a man’s voice) God is coming personally to speak to you. The glory will enter the camp. (Puts her hands on her head). Is there something like too much? I’m tired!

Woman 3: (quietly) And I am grateful. I have nothing to complain about. My feet are not worn out, though we have been on a marching move for months and months. Bread falls from heaven. Water flows from rocks. There is a cloud over us for shade in the day, and a pillar of fire in the night for warmth. How much more do you need to accept the love of God?

Woman 2: We beg ooo. We haven’t said we are not grateful. All we are saying is that there is more to food than oily bread from heaven, and drink than water. Even Egypt with its small gods had good food. Is it wrong to want to eat better?

Woman 1: Maybe Moses and that his assistant Joshua haven’t heard it enough times. Let God remain with them in the tabernacle! We just need food and sleep and getting to this land flowing with milk and honey. Not more fearful God

(Joshua passes by)

Woman 2: May the Lord bless you, Joshua. May the Lord bless you. When did you say God is coming?

Joshua (shakes his head. Speaks quietly): Sunset. Soon. Have you washed your clothes?

Woman 2: (sighs) Joshua. This is a desert. Have you not noticed? The waters in the rocks and pools we found around us may not be enough if everyone washes clothes too.

Woman 3: (Looks straight at woman 2) Actually the water has proved more than enough. Anyone who wants to obey has obeyed and there has been more than enough

Joshua: (To Woman 2) Do you want to obey? Then choose a pool and wash. When has anything not been enough since we left Egypt? Ask and you will receive. Seek and you will find. That is how it has been. Go wash as God said. If you do not, don’t blame anyone if any disaster rests on your tent.

Woman 3: The Lord be with you, Joshua.

Joshua: (Quietly) He is here. Our God has come


And soon, a thick cloud hung over the mount of Sinai, also known as Horeb. The exact mountain Moses had first met God and received the commission to bring His people out of Egypt. God had led them back to the desert of Sinai and to the place of Moses’ succor after he ran from Egypt. He had led them to the foot of the mountain on which He had first spoken to Moses. Talk about a God of consistency! Talk about comfort. Talk about assurance. As Joshua and the women stared, smoke billowed out of the clouds. Lightning flashed and trumpets could be heard along with the thunder. The women ran, tripped, and kept running till they reached their tents. Joshua ran to stand by Moses as he stood with his staff and stared at the raging tops of the mountain. All Israel fell on their faces before the mountain. Then a voice spoke out of the cloud, smoke and lightning! That was the day Joshua made up his mind. To believe anything. Anything. Anything. That Moses said God said. His faith moved from cloud to pillar.

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