Living with a mission

What will the business of living be like if we had no territory in this vast space? Your own unique (even if small) place in the world? That corner you know well, and for which you are known. What a bland world it will be! Frankly, we can’t be going anywhere unless we are moving towards a territory. There is no place for you unless you can tell everyone where exactly you want to sit.

Space and place

Injustice, inequity and lack of commitment to proper application of rules will always mar this journey to the proper acquisition and management of territories. This compels the question – can we ever build beautiful societies founded on valid territories if we persist in not learning the lessons? It is making every innocent ride at any time of day painful in this country.

Trees of righteousness

No human is an accident of nature. Or force of nature, as we may wish to flatter ourselves. The sober reality is that each of us has been honored with a part in this enterprise of earth life. Paul, the author of the letter to Ephesians, calls it an inheritance obtained in Christ. We have an inheritance in time, and into eternity, if we will confront the challenges of our environment with values, purposeful living, and faith in Jesus Christ.


But surely, you cannot feel full when your brother’s continued strength is only guaranteed by the magnanimity from your table? Must they live on the generosity of others, instead of having what they can also bequeath to their next generations? You are not complete until all is complete. Don’t fail your brothers. Don’t fail the next generation’