A higher calling

We do not live to ourselves. You stretch because you are responsible for those under you. You stretch because you are accountable to those above you. You stretch in order to achieve what you set yourself to do. To reach for gold standards, because you are called to live at the highest standards of excellence. You allow yourself to grow in patience, endurance and humility. You do not allow yourself to sink into cheating, envy and laziness. You carefully set time aside to plan and work, because you know you are made of high stuff. You stick by your word, no matter how much it hurts. Sometimes you are disliked for your principles. Sometimes people want to cheat and humiliate you because of your meekness. But you reflect both lamb and lion. You may be gentle and meek, and therein lies your strength.

Integrity is from the word ‘integer’. A number divisible only by itself and one. Not given to divisions of personality, half truths and twisted versions. You walk your talk knowing that you are accountable to those who have trusted you and believe in you. You are who you say you are. You say what you mean and mean what you say. You would rather absorb the cost than reduce your value. You build value from high standards of life, because you know of the highest standards. You drive yourself to achieve the best expression of anything. Excellence is a habit, what you repeatedly do. Do you recognize yourself in this?

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