Get help

What a tragedy it is when a mentor is available to you, but you fail to listen to them? And this too can happen. Samuel was available to Saul, but Saul thought himself wiser. Elisha could have passed on incredible power to Gehazi. But Gehazi preferred clothes and food over the treasures of sound counsel. How about Rehoboam? He inherited a father who is credited with being the richest king the earth has known.

Help from above

As we walk and work before God, uploading His word and downloading His counsel and love, we experience the blessedness of the fruit of living under the shadow of God’s love. A people of faith and grace, building love in the work of our hands. Purpose is released from the network of love around us and the chain of love moving through us.

Beyond you

Prophet, it is not good for man to be or to do anything alone. Everyone must have help meet for every condition and endeavor. What you are doing will surely wear you away, both you and these people with you. Managing any enterprise is too heavy for one person. If you will listen to me, I will give you counsel and God shall be with you.