About the Blog

In JustTrudy, we are taking a stroll through the Bible. Each Series begins with a lively recapture or fictional form of a story from the Bible book that our journey has come to. The theme of each Series is a facet of leadership, the centrality of the Lord Jesus Christ in creation and redemption of humanity, and the purpose and blessing of the people of God.

In the five blog categories, the website trails the journey of Biblical events through a collection of short stories, plays or poems in Stories of God. They are presented in Series and chronologically. These renditions of Bible stories are meant to provoke an interest in them as adventures worth studying – because they teach life-changing principles. The Story guides the focus of the rest of the blogs.

Quiet Time brings you meditative pieces linked to the theme in the lead story, poem or play. What is the Spirit of God teaching you about the principles of godly living in that story, so that your spiritual goals are achieved as well? The meditation ends in prayer. Make the prayer time rich, deep and thorough, please.

Leadership Lessons is designed to expose learning on the critical values, principles and master skills that lead to effective personal and group leadership. My hope is that you will pick up, relate and apply tips for increasing your leadership capacity in the luxury of your own moments as you slowly read the words

Crisscrossing the tough lanes of professional, wife, mother and minister has taught me that life can be tough for any lady who reaches out for all the cords that life extends. Mentorship (the initials of my four daughters), shares mentoring secrets that can help make the journey easier. Especially those ‘tiny hairy feathers’ that can trip you up, because they are just so difficult to see!

Finally, I alternate or add to writing Letter to MESS, with a section titled Lessons Learned. The Learning Window is inspired by observations from cities and country-sides around the world and focuses on the beauty of humanity. It calls you to sit and consider. How can we be a blessing to others – as we have been blessed?

About Just.Trudy

Justice Gertrude Torkornoo is a Judge of the Court of Supreme Court of Ghana, a passionate minister in the body of Christ, and a poet and playwright. She plays a keen role in Aglow International and serves as a board member of Theovision International, a ministry that has translated the Bible into African languages since 1992. For many years, she has had the privilege of being a faculty member of Haggai International – a premier leadership institute based in Hawaii and Thailand, which helps in the development of leadership skills for godly market place leaders.

She established Sozo Foundation as a ministry dedicated to evangelism through the publication and distribution of tracts and other literary works. Its’ offshoot ministries are the Well Institute for Leadership Development and the Healing Streams Gardens. In all these roles, her favorite are the roles of mum, friend, and mentor to her children – biological and spiritual, adopted along her journey – and grandchildren.

The stories and reflections on this website are all original works by Justice Gertrude Torkornoo. Come in and lets savor the journey of faith together.

Wishing You Well,