The law shall not depart from your mouth

The longest chapter in the Bible is Psalm 119. One hundred and seventy six verses in a love song. A love song not to the character of God, or even the works of God. It is a love song to His word. It could only have been written by one who found no fault with the word of God. A man who accepted his own weakness and God’s supremacy. David, the man after God’s heart.

Rest is not an option

As if nights, and a day out of the week are not enough, He called for Sabbath years. Every seventh year, take a year of rest. Then He called for the Jubilee year. After seven times of seven years adding up to 49 years, the 50th year is a year of Jubilee. A year not just for physical rest, but emotional rest, financial rest, and utter rest.

Fringe life

You know how it is when you are not in and you are not out? Hanging out maybe. Going with the flow. Not dry and not wet. Not cold, not hot. Not blue, not red. Lika dis and lika dat. It can seem safe. A safe place to dodge criticism, branding and identification. A life of no real identity.

Is God with me?

So is God real? I think that if we are not even convinced by the many confirmations in the order of creation, the beauty of nature, and the love expressed in provision of sun, water, food, health and relationships, we should be convinced by the fulfilling of prophecy. That God is real.

Heaven is the treasure

Heaven is to be the ultimate treasure in all of life’s pursuit, if we are to regard ourselves as successful. God encourages us to live valuing eternity. Thinking about eternity. Investing in eternity. Working for eternity. Avoiding hell in eternity.


God’s inheritance to His people straddle ministry through leadership. God is not the God of only the people in church. Little wonder that the Bible actors played more market place roles than roles of worshipping in the temple.

SOS – Save Our Souls

So here is the next question. Where do you draw your strength from? What are you feeding your soul from the materials you watch, study, focus on and walk towards? Who is counseling you? What do you regard as wisdom? What rules of life do you apply? What are your key operating principles?

This gift called faith

But God applauds this position. Hebrews 11:6 says, ‘ But without faith, it is impossible to please God…’. Hebrews 11 is described as the ‘hall of faith’. A chapter specially dedicated to God’s affirmation of beautiful people who exercised faith, took phenomenal risks and broke glass ceilings, and pleased God.