The penguin man

When there seems to be no special place for you, make that space you occupy special. Live your own quality, decent and elegant life. Define your space with the beauty that is you … able, capable, loved by a creator who gave you a unique identity. Hop on the train and effectively ride life. There is so much room for you. Everyone else needs the gift of you.

The place of the Eagle

This is why our visions must be so treasured, that they are recorded. Recorded for motivation. Recorded for mobilization of help from those placed in our way to help us. Recorded for posterity to continue where we may leave off. I am absolutely convinced that when we live out the purposes designed by God for us, our personal chapters may close, without the book ending.

The angel from Bokim

What is the point of changing anything if others resist every significant thing you do? We are here. We have food and clothes. We do not need to worry ourselves with leading anyone. We don’t need to change any culture around us. People here lie. So what? They are promiscuous. So what? They don’t worship our God. So what? Live and let live.