Make it work

The effect of leadership is so deep that your entire future is shaped by those values, ethics, emotions and visions that galvanize you to action. This is why we must be ever conscious and protective of our environments, and what is influencing us. Don’t allow anything to take root in your life that you do not want to bear fruit in your life.

The mystery of leadership

God is the very epitome of excellent leadership, and this is what the whole Bible reveals. He sets the standard for what should be expected in every leader. He is creator, shepherd, king, and father. As creator, He teaches us the leadership skills of setting vision and goals, planning, preparing and executing plans through the incredible stories of how He created a physical nation and a spiritual kingdom in the old and new testaments.

Never ending fountains

What a guilty conscience does to us insidiously and invidiously, especially when we are unconscious of this consciousness, is to envelope us with a blanket of heaviness. Quietly, it reminds you of the time you so sinned you couldn’t pray and then you fell into trouble. So this anxiety raises this horrible wall….what if I don’t go to heaven because of the ‘likelihood of sin’; the ‘probability of transgression’; ‘the possibility of trespass’.

Lead: I will follow

In the worship of the baals, the Canaanites abandoned themselves to active sex with the priests, priestesses, neophytes of the cults, killed their children and threw them in fire. The bloodier and more sensual, the stronger the worship. Since the battles had raged with conquests and push backs, no one was quite sure what was truth about history and religion anymore.