The angel from Bokim

What is the point of changing anything if others resist every significant thing you do? We are here. We have food and clothes. We do not need to worry ourselves with leading anyone. We don’t need to change any culture around us. People here lie. So what? They are promiscuous. So what? They don’t worship our God. So what? Live and let live.

The uprising (Exodus 24 and 32)

Aaron and the rest came down the mountain, shocked that they had seen the ancient God of their fathers, eaten and drank and remained alive. For days after they came from the mountain, none of them could speak and tell their story. Gradually, the fear started to leave them, though the mountain remained engulfed with fire, and Moses and Joshua failed to come down. 

Beyond you

Prophet, it is not good for man to be or to do anything alone. Everyone must have help meet for every condition and endeavor. What you are doing will surely wear you away, both you and these people with you. Managing any enterprise is too heavy for one person. If you will listen to me, I will give you counsel and God shall be with you.


‘Manna. What is this? This was the question evoked by this magical food for weeks after it started. And that is what its name became. Manna. Food that had to be carefully measured. Diligently weighed. Consistently gathered. Meticulously guarded and doubly gathered on the day before the Sabbath. It did not allow for carelessness. It compelled attention. Food that taught discipline. Manna?