Piram was not sure what was irking him more. The questions of the woman in his arms, or the grave danger lurking behind the wall. For one who made money selling her body, she had found a way of doing so in style. Only persons of repute were allowed into Rahab’s rooms


Have you ever tried to put yourself in Joseph’s shoes? What would you have done if Potiphar’s wife was making advances at you? I explore the necessity of values through Joseph’s encounter with Mrs Potiphar.

Work It Out

That guy Noah is so strange. Talked to himself all the time. And he calls it praying. Five hundred years old till he had children and all the while, he insisted on being faithful to his wife. Who does that? In a time of great wealth, learning, culture, license and liberation, he claims a need to listen to ‘God’.

The hero is cold

‘It’s the fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. What we are seeing is evil. Good has lost its influence and control. Evil has shown its face’.
He spoke in great pain. Eve shivered.
‘I thought it was going to make us powerful? Why do I feel weak and unable?’