Strategic living

If you carefully set your goals in a clear manner, and consistently take steps to carefully protect the goal from being interfered with, no matter the incursions, influences, interventions, presences and inputs of others, you will arrive at the goal. Your living will be strategic, focused and directioned. Your life paths will all be carefully directed at arriving at the goal.

A special person

And do not let anyone make you apologise for your deepest desires and directions. Those desires and directions define you. What will make you happy as you walk, trip or run along. It is all quite esoteric, so if I were you, I would study me. Frankly, if there is any subject you should watch closely, it is who you are, and your callings and assignments. Therein lies the key to your life’s work.

S.M.A.R.T. goals

I found that to be the missing part of any goal achievement efforts after years of struggling with certain goals. No matter how smartly I wrote out the goals, loving bread more than greens have played havoc with my weight goals. Choosing novels over bible reading definitely affects my spiritual goals. So does a love of TV affect my reading goals.