Samuel: A long journey

As Samuel settled into being the spiritual, social and political leader with a heart of gold that did right and gave justice, who declared the word of the Lord in prophecies that were consistently fulfilled, the ‘ridiculed’ Hannah became the mother of the most revered leader since Moses. What a long road to fulfillment!

A man of war

What do we do when attacked by spiritual enemies that will decimate us in the natural? Diseases that claim to be incurable that appear suddenly in a family going about its quiet business? Deaths, divorces and addictions that were not courted or anticipated by families? Business destruction from external forces when we have worked diligently and ethically? Even worse is the fact that they can come in multitudes – a thousand on the left, and ten thousand on the right. The comfort given to those who trust in God come from several sure positions


But adapting to a new habit is tough. It is said that it takes a minimum of 21 days for a habit to form. That journey may be uncomfortable, disruptive and even stressful. But if you can push to incorporate that new winning way into your daily repertoire and get to the end of the period of habit formation, that habit will serve you forever.