Genesis and progress through the Bible

The stories begin from the book of Genesis and progress through the Bible. Series 26 brought us to the end of the era of Judges. Series 27 starts us on a study of the Kings. This period is chronicled in the books of Samuel, Kings and Chronicles.

Each blog continues to dwell on one of the most critical themes of life – LEADERSHIP – because leadership is the complex phenomenon that holds the key to how people and groups achieve dreams, visions, and goals. Every SERIES is crafted to act as a mentoring tool.

As we look at Moses and the Red Sea, we ask, how do we make this cycle of mountain top living easier to manage?

We confront the unsettling nature of life – and the need to harness all facets of leadership in every move.

The spotlight is placed on a man whose work saved the earth

The story of Adam, corruption and strengths and weaknesses.