Make it work

The effect of leadership is so deep that your entire future is shaped by those values, ethics, emotions and visions that galvanize you to action. This is why we must be ever conscious and protective of our environments, and what is influencing us. Don’t allow anything to take root in your life that you do not want to bear fruit in your life.

The place of the Eagle

This is why our visions must be so treasured, that they are recorded. Recorded for motivation. Recorded for mobilization of help from those placed in our way to help us. Recorded for posterity to continue where we may leave off. I am absolutely convinced that when we live out the purposes designed by God for us, our personal chapters may close, without the book ending.


I cringe when people do not value relationships and so are careless with them as they travel life’s journeys. Every penny adds up, so a habit of saving is to be coveted – even if its savings in a piggy bank. Then I also cringe when people are afraid to tackle challenging situations such as marriage, new businesses, and projects just because they don’t have ‘enough money’. The value of money comes only when well leveraged.