If stuff beyond your control happens (and stuff happens, you know), cry a bit and be ready to start all over. God learnt it the hard way when he had to push the first Adam out of Eden, bring a second Adam, and go through Gethsemane. Life is a patient process. Slow down on worry and hurry, and build up on work, values, skills, and focus. Every dream is achievable.

Nothing does not mean nothing

Closely related to laziness is the temptation that empty hands place on us. For if you do nothing and get nothing, how do you take care of your needs? Many turn to the abuse of things they were meant to take care of. Corruption is the lifestyle of the reckless, negligent and incompetent. For when they find their hands empty of gain, reward and benefit, they turn to the siphoning of what does not belong to them.

Tola & Jair: Fifty Five Shades of Nothing

After Gideon’s colorful leadership and the trauma-inducing events following his death, Tola and Jair led Israel for fifty- five years. The work of these two men over fifty-five years is covered by exactly four verses in the Bible. The fifth verse clarifies the significant social bankruptcy that followed the insignificant leadership of these two men. What made the lives and times of these two men so disregarded by the chronicler of the book of Judges? The extreme destructiveness of laziness and corruption in leadership is highlighted in Series 23.