Make it work

My most favorite part of the lessons of leadership is the contemplation of ‘personal leadership’. When we have so imbibed the lessons on leadership, understood the principles and effortlessly apply them to every aspect of lives. Through this, we lead ourselves to our chosen destination. We become unstoppable in creativity.

As much as we are influenced by all the factors around us, we each become who we ultimately become because of the personal leadership we give ourselves. So these are probably the deepest questions you ought to ask:

Who or what is leading your internal life of dreams and aspirations?

What is shaping your values and ethics?

What do you love most?

What do you hate most?

This is where discussions on the concept of leadership have to start from. The effect of leadership is so deep that your entire future is shaped by those values, ethics, emotions and visions that galvanize you to action. This is why we must be ever conscious and protective of our environments, and what is influencing us. Don’t allow anything to take root in your life that you do not want to bear fruit in your life. Because even if you do not realize it, so long as you allow something or someone to linger in influence over you, the effect of it will reflect in your life.

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