Giants in the grasshopper

A rose by any other name will smell as sweet. So why do we bother to call it a rose? It is a rose because it is a rose. If it was any other name, it would be that name. There’s an incredible notion, which is scientifically true. Since the beginning of mankind, there’s been only one of everyone. So there is only one of you, and never again will there be another you.

But then, who are you? Who is this unique blend of carefully crafted thumbprint, eye ball, hair design with DNA distinctly linked to scores of ‘family’ and yet absolutely different from everyone who has ever lived on this planet, or will yet do? Only you know.

You may be shaped by your environment, parentage, etc. So all those factors go into who you are, but they definitely do not complete you. Do not forget that even twins may be as different as chalk and cheese. When it comes to you, the trigger and yearning points are deep within. You know you because you are that person loving what you love, and hating what you hate. If your heart is looking for something you haven’t seen anywhere yet, don’t be surprised. It’s simply part of the indicators of who you are. You are the only person who can birth that thing for the rest of us to see.

And do not let anyone make you apologise for your deepest desires and directions. They define you. What will make you happy as you walk, trip or run along. It is all quite esoteric, so if I were you, I would study me. Frankly, if there is any subject you should watch closely, it is you. I am not suggesting self-absorption. I am directing you to find integrity in the midst of the contradictions around us. What makes you happy? A combination of football and food? It is not strange. Put them together and give us that new direction. What ticks you off? Flies? Go ahead and find us the solution to flies coming near our joys. What do you desire deep inside? Protection from abuse? We need you to help us with that. What do you find intriguing?

In identifying all of these factors playing about inside of you, you can settle down to enjoy the journey of being you. A human being expressing your unique humanity within the community of other humans. So please be yourself and do not pretend. Everyone else is taken.

It is only in the context of you doing an excellent job of being you that your contribution can be identified and celebrated. Because whatever work you do for all of us will have your unique stamp all over it.

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