It’s slow and laborious. So many people would rather try other means to obtain desired ends. Everything growing needs nutrients, life, care, a kind environment, and God knows what else. If a stray goat comes by and eats that growing plant, the growth has ended. So fences are needed, where dangers lurk. If a storm should happen beyond your capacity to protect that growing life, business in your care, that is it. Your dream may have to be recycled, all over again. I wish we could compel growth. I really do. 

So forget any notions of short cuts. There is no room for laziness or corruption. Do your best at every turn. Build fences around your CIRCLE (Christian growth, Intellectual growth, Relationships, Career and business, Lifestyle, and Earnings). Feed on the right things in each of these areas of your life. Right information, right environment, right attitudes. Ensure air, food and love for each plant in your life. If you can, you may even build a glass house (insulation from destructive forces) around them to protect each area from wind and storm.

If stuff beyond your control happens (and stuff happens, you know), cry a bit and be ready to start all over. God learnt it the hard way when he had to push the first Adam out of Eden, bring a second Adam, and go through Gethsemane. Life is a patient process. Slow down on worry and hurry, and build up on work, values, skills, and focus. Every dream is achievable.

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