The angel from Bokim


The generation that experienced the exodus and entered the Promised Land with Joshua has died off. The next generation has no leaders to tell them why Israel moved into the Promised Land. Series 18 redirects us to the critical role that purpose plays in living lives of value

Judges 2: 1 – 21.

Son: What did you say the patriarch Joshua said?

Elder: He wasn’t a patriarch. There is no family named after him

Son: He wasn’t? Then what was he?

Elder: A soldier. A leader.

Son: Was he a prophet?

Elder: No. Just a soldier

Son: But he spoke about God and spoke God’s words?

Elder: And some serious words. Like how Jericho cannot be built again. But that does not make him a prophet. At least I don’t think so

Son: Who is a prophet?

Elder: I’m not sure. Why do you ask?

Son: My friend said that the man who came from Bokim and sits under the tree said Israel has forgotten the words of the prophets

Elder: What does it matter? Why are you listening to someone who goes to listen to that man?

Son: Because my friend says his father said that the man is an angel pretending to be a man. He said the angel came pretending to be a man because there are no more prophets in Israel so God has to find a way of talking to Israel. He said that when there are no humans speaking for God, He sends angels to speak for him

Elder: Why does he need to speak anyway? Who wants to listen to God? And who is God?

Son: Father. You are older than me and you don’t know about God?

Elder: I know about God. I just don’t see the point of discussing whatever God says when it’s not relevant to daily living.

Son: The man from Bokim keeps crying. He says God gave us the land and we’ve refused to take control of it and influence it.

Elder: Of course, we’ve refused to keep fighting. The Gazites, Jebusites, Canaanites, Amorites have all resisted our taking over the land. We won battles, but the war is deeper than any battle. When you think you have it, it seems that it’s time to start fighting for it again. Change, achievement, success is too difficult. Nothing is permanent.

What is the point of changing anything if others resist every significant thing you do? We are here. We have food and clothes. We do not need to worry ourselves with leading anyone. We don’t need to change any culture around us. People here lie. So what? They are promiscuous. So what? They don’t worship our God. So what? Live and let live. Let that man cry. Let those who want to change to suit what the man wants change themselves and try changing everyone. Let those looking for the books of Moses and Joshua keep looking. I just want food, clothes and a place to sleep. Life has no purpose. Nothing is needed from me nor from you. Live and let live.

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