The road parallel to my street is a highway. I often go walking along it early in the day, instead of the quieter lanes behind the house. Though the traffic is more intense on the highway, I am inspired by the long stretch of sidewalk to walk longer distances there. And everyone has the formula for managing the dangers of using a speedway.

The routine is simple. Walk on the pavement facing oncoming traffic at any given time. When I have gone far enough, wait till the cars zipping past have eased on the side I am on and I have reached a zebra crossing. Cross the road, and stand in the dividing lane until the next road is clear enough to cross. Then walk back home facing oncoming traffic. We have known this since class 1 or?!

The danger of being hit by an unexpected car is reduced by a huge margin if one will only follow the rules, though early morning commuters whizz along, buses disgorge their passengers, and people move along briskly. Any attempt to be in the wrong lane could change the serenity of the story.  

Recently, I noticed someone running across both sides of the road and trying to dodge the fast moving cars. Clearly he had a schedule that taught him to tempt fate. I wondered what was pursuing this untoward behavior. I could just imagine the strain, tension and stress he brought on himself as the cars whizzed towards him. I also wondered what his definition of a miracle is. Whatever it is, I am sure that we must invite miracles only when there is no option to preplan and work the plan. There is a place for everything, even miracles.

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