Never ending fountains

FLASHBACK: ‘How do you explain to a group of shepherds who had spent all their years in slavery that order was necessary while they wondered about in a never ending desert? All they questioned was whether they left the burden of slavery in Egypt into a new slavery of dos and don’ts? But he knew that the laws were just God continuing with His agenda of love in building the nation He started with Abraham. That is what He said on the different mountains Moses had met Him on. ‘I am the God of your fathers Abraham, Isaac and Jacob’. His work had never stopped. When they were in Egypt, He had just been waiting for the appointed time for each part of the whole. And this will be continuing for a long while yet.’ (THE STORY from Week 8, MOSES, PROPHET & LAW GIVER)

Having a leader is having someone who thinks ahead of you, plans for you, has a vision for you, and guides you to it. A shepherd, a father, a ruler. I had the most loving of valentine gifts on February 14, 2012. As I stressed, the Holy Spirit tenderly moved the curtain for me to see the fears plaguing me. The fear of not having enough when the moment comes…even when its been proved over and over that God has opened a fountain of provision over my life. Provision that gives me more than enough to answer every need at every junction. He showed me that I wanted a huge well of resources that would save me from worrying about the next day. And without that sitting squarely before me, I chose to remain in worry, fear, insecurity, notwithstanding the brooks, fountains, springs and rivers I live in. What a waste of emotions! What resistance to the growth of faith!(Incidentally, 2012 was a year that overflowed with special packages. It started in March with my first daughter’s wedding, continued with turning 50, promotion to a higher position in the week I celebrated my 50th birthday, the most wonderful holiday I’d had in a long time…It was awesome!)

Even more dissatisfying is the fear of losing our way because of consciousness of sin. No wonder God made provision to move us from this powerful whip through the even more potent applicator of His precious blood. What a guilty conscience does to us insidiously and invidiously, especially when we are unconscious of this consciousness, is to envelope us with a blanket of heaviness. Quietly, it reminds you of the time you so sinned you couldn’t pray and then you fell into trouble. So this anxiety raises this horrible wall….what if I don’t go to heaven because of the ‘likelihood of sin’; the ‘probability of transgression’; ‘the possibility of trespass’.

Forget it, dear friend. Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God. Had your heart not been washed with the pure water of His word, you couldn’t even see Him enough to be saved. There’s a pure river of warmest strongest potent blood, speaking better things than the blood of Abel. It washes all the violet streaks of transgressions, iniquities, trespasses from your careless words, hurtful thoughts, prideful vanities, and makes them of no effect, even before they fall to the ground. It brings you peace, reconciliation with the God of heaven and restores the gap, before it is created. It leads you to see how the leader has led you. That Is who He is. Leader.

You cant lose your way because you live in the folds of the cloths of the leader. You are wombed by the bright flashing lights of His leadership. The darkness cannot comprehend this light. It shines in the darkness and brings you to His desires every time. Every way. ‘All things work together for the good of them that love God’. Stop worrying. You are so being led that you are incapable of not being led.

And you are so provided for that insecurity ought not to remain in your vocabulary. That’s why you should always remember the miracle of five loaves and two fish. The miracle of Peter’s breaking net. The miracle of the widow of Nain’s son, when she didn’t even know that Jesus was passing by. At least blind Bartimeaus heard he was passing and reached for him. The paralytic heard of him and came to look for healing. But remember these women who didn’t even need to call. The woman bent over for 18 years. The bride whose disgrace was imminent on her most eminent of days. And this old lady who had lost what she most needed – a son to care for her in her old age. God’s provision is so strong about us. Throw insecurity away. Perfect love casts out fear. Just cast it out. And turn towards faith. That is all the contribution you bring to the walk with God.

Prayer: Lord, thank you that you made me to dwell in the house of the Lord forever and ever. Thank you that you planned for me to dwell in the secret place of the Most High for absolute security. Thank you that it is you who arranged for me to remain in the shelter of the Most High and live under your shadow. Nothing else or less. I pray to remain under your wings, father, friend and king. Bring me there when I stray, please. Amen

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