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An experienced and trusted advisor’. That is the definition of mentor. And it is who a mentor is. Someone who has walked in places you are yet to experience and can save you from falling into pits just by advising you. But even better still, a mentor is someone who can show you where the ‘tiny hairy feathers’ are – so you can get to your best life in record time. Some people who did extraordinarily in the Bible had understudied extraordinary mentors. Solomon had the benefit of David as father. Elisha had Elijah. Joshua was Moses’ man Friday. Ruth had Naomi, and Esther had Mordecai.

There is nothing as invaluable as obtaining wise counsel and learning winning ways from a winner. I believe everyone needs mentors. Teacher and leaders from whom we learn to lead our lives effectively. And sometimes, you do not even need to know them physically. Their books and words can teach you from afar.

What a tragedy it is when a mentor is available to you, but you fail to listen to them? And this too can happen. Samuel was available to Saul, but Saul thought himself wiser. Elisha could have passed on incredible power to Gehazi. But Gehazi preferred clothes and food over the treasures of sound counsel. How about Rehoboam? He inherited a father who is credited with being the richest king the earth has known. In one short generation, the gold in the temple of God had been pillaged and lost because Rehoboam chose to follow the counsel of wild young friends, rather than the older advisers who worked with his father. That is how costly the rejection of sound counsel can be. In this journey of life, many are the sudden unexpected curves and holes that can pop up because we had no idea the good options available.

Is someone advising you? Are you walking with others – or you are shouldering it alone? It is said that when you walk with others, you go farther. When you go alone, you just may walk faster. But you are likely to give up earlier. May you never be alone. May you have good counsel.

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