While you were sleeping

Sometimes we become so comfortable that we fail to realize how the world is developing around us. Life is like the waves of the sea. New dynamics roll to a crescendo, reach a zenith, come down, and another starts to form. Life is never at a stand still.

If we are to meet the needs of any and every season, we cannot afford to sleepily ignore developments around us. If their gain doesn’t come to you, their trouble is likely to come against you. And that is when you find that the call of leadership has no value unless it responds to present needs. Integrity and truth includes responding to change with valid answers.  

It was intriguing to read that Deborah held court under the palm of Deborah. It was like David living in the city of David. And while she was judging and being the boss, the Canaanites developed nine hundred chariots. The world was moving, and power was shifting to those who created powerful tools and new methods of conquest.

Well, with the pomp and trappings of her position, came the weight of leadership in the new tide. When she could judge in quietude, knowledge of the law was enough. But when the nation was faced with danger from new developments, Deborah had to respond with new strategies.

A leader cannot take the trappings without yielding the benefit of the place you occupy. That is why a full leafed fig tree without fruit has no business standing in the space. You will not be a legitimate leader if you don’t rise up to the call of the times – at work, at home, in ministry, and with any group. Validity comes from weaving coherence into different times and seasons.

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