Series 4: Joseph

Of pearls and heavenly treasures

With Joseph as a focal point, in Series 4 we learn about values, treasures and the value of eternity. 

Fruiting comes from rooting. The deeper the roots, the weightier the fruit. Again, fruit may take time to show up, but when they do, they are priceless. That's why God is always anxious to tell Israel, 'take root down, bear fruit up'.
Heaven is to be the ultimate treasure in all of life’s pursuit, if we are to regard ourselves as successful. God encourages us to live valuing eternity. Thinking about eternity. Investing in eternity. Working for eternity. Avoiding hell in eternity.
Values are the threads that define our character. The robe of many colors we carry around – and leave behind when we move on. The pieces of our heart that speak louder than our words.
Have you ever tried to put yourself in Joseph's shoes? What would you have done if Potiphar's wife was making advances at you? I explore the necessity of values through Joseph's encounter with Mrs Potiphar.