Series 3: Noah

The spotlight is placed on a man whose work saved the earth

So far, we’ve been exploring the dynamics of achievement and what Leadership – that complex concept that holds the key to how people and groups achieve dreams, visions, and goals – looks like. So much has the book of Genesis got to teach us on that.

Warm heart of Africa. Who can understand the depths of generosity expressed in the traditions of hospitality? They are often taken for oppression, though no one questions the Asian bows as beautiful expressions of human communication.
I got on this topic because I noticed God promising David a great name. This is what He promised Abraham too. I will make your name great. What's with God and great names? Why do people need great names? Check what is said to Abraham after the promise to make a name great.
Working for yourself and yours totally misses the mark for the first recorded direction given for why we should work. After the creation of the garden, God put man in in the garden to ‘work, and take care of it’ Genesis 2:15. Take care of it. Use your time at work to take care
God’s inheritance to His people straddle ministry through leadership. God is not the God of only the people in church. Little wonder that the Bible actors played more market place roles than roles of worshipping in the temple.
That guy Noah is so strange. Talked to himself all the time. And he calls it praying. Five hundred years old till he had children and all the while, he insisted on being faithful to his wife. Who does that? In a time of great wealth, learning, culture, license and liberation, he claims a need to listen to ‘God’.