Flight from Casablanca

How I longed for escape from parts of my life that simply strangled! From the routine of driving three hours every day to and from work and not sure of when this routine it would end. From watching everything I ate or said because of the desire to achieve a certain result from good food.

‘What have we done to love?’

Many women are so exhausted; they are simply unable to be productive in their careers or other pursuits that their hearts hanker for. Many men are so preyed on to provide for every need of the family and look affluent that, their participation in corrupt practices is pushed by the demands of the very people who should have been guarding their peace of mind.

Rest is not an option

As if nights, and a day out of the week are not enough, He called for Sabbath years. Every seventh year, take a year of rest. Then He called for the Jubilee year. After seven times of seven years adding up to 49 years, the 50th year is a year of Jubilee. A year not just for physical rest, but emotional rest, financial rest, and utter rest.


Piram was not sure what was irking him more. The questions of the woman in his arms, or the grave danger lurking behind the wall. For one who made money selling her body, she had found a way of doing so in style. Only persons of repute were allowed into Rahab’s rooms