Sssssshhhh! Quite quiet

June 16, 2018

I’m certain that the best time of the day is dawn and dusk. When the day clouds are smilingly creeping back or reluctantly withdrawing. The sun is shyingly creeping in or fully shutting off. And dogs and humans are moving shadows. It is a lulling time and yet invigorating.

Have you been living without the buzzzz and ssshhhh of these two times of day? Have you been awake and alive only in the noise, strife and strain of full day light? Maybe that is why you are expressing stress. Try the quiet … the hummmm of breaking day and shushhhh of settling night.

I can share with you some of what it will do for you.  You will think clearer. Because of the quiet. You can hear yourself. You can reason with yourself. After all, who knows your challenges, goals, and resources better than yourself? It is the best time to see what you want right, where you went wrong and how to strategize for it.

It is the best time to read, pray, listen to cool music and hear from your reading, praying and listening. After all, there are no other voices to hear except yours and the one you are choosing to listen to. No intruders. Just pure pouring out and learning. It is a cool time for strong pillars of knowledge, values, discernment. The proper foundations for any form of success.

As for noise, there are other names for it. Let’s see. Disturbance, disorder, distress, disunity. Many ‘dis’. That is where you know you do not want to go! So get into the mellowing dawn and dusk. Renew your strength and brilliance.

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