Series 8: Moses

Law, justice and leadership

This series explores the relationship between law, justice, love, excellence and progress, and how leadership is the key to unlocking these relationships. 

Many women are so exhausted; they are simply unable to be productive in their careers or other pursuits that their hearts hanker for. Many men are so preyed on to provide for every need of the family and look affluent that, their participation in corrupt practices is pushed by the demands of the very people who should have been guarding their peace of mind.
Justice is an interesting concept. It demands fairness and equity. It calls for granting a fair playing ground for everyone. It confronts lack of fairness in the sharing of space and resources. Where law is set aside, and when fairness and equity are not respected, the human soul bursts out with violence.
The longest chapter in the Bible is Psalm 119. One hundred and seventy six verses in a love song. A love song not to the character of God, or even the works of God. It is a love song to His word. It could only have been written by one who found no fault with the word of God. A man who accepted his own weakness and God’s supremacy. David, the man after God’s heart.
Why was it so difficult for people to understand that the power of God lay in His love expressed through meticulous arrangements for every life? He shrugged. He had seen enough of God not to ask such ‘what if’ questions. But then, so had she, but she asked.