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Change is a necessary part of growth. Especially, changing old ways of doing things so you can get closer to the principal objective of the journey. Old habits should not die hard – if we want to reach our envisioned goals. Remember how God started it all in Genesis 1:1 by creating heaven and earth? Though He definitely never took His eyes off that objective, He ended His book in Revelation 21:1 with ‘a new heaven and a new earth’. And perfected the Old Testament with the New Testament. So will I never forget my principal objective for starting this website. To make the Word, Ways, and Works of God come alive through His stories so that we can draw effective leadership lessons out of the stories – in relaxed mode.

One year on, I’m changing ‘Through the Window’ to ‘The Learning Window’. This new window will set out the lessons I’d like to draw attention to through the scriptural focus of the various blogs. I’ll be sharing the learning I got from those readings with you in concrete points – and I hope you will give me feedback on your learning points too. Welcome to the Learning Window!

Wishing you well…all the time,


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