Enjoy each pull

I just saw a mother enjoying her baby. She was selling ‘koko’ (corn porridge) and had at least four customers demanding her attention. She rolled up the little bag of sugar, swung it in that spectacular throw, turned her head 90 degrees (in the way only women, lovers, parents, and teachers can manage), smiled at her baby, and deftly tied the knot of the sugar puff. The customers were getting served, the baby was getting loved. She was securely tied on her mum’s back where she was supposed to stay safe away from the huge bowl of ‘koko’ and the doughnut table.

Not content with being tucked away from the action, the little miss could be seen actively playing with the seller’s hair. Catching tufts of it in her tiny fist, and swinging her mum’s head back. I would not have been amused with this. I recalled the times I almost screamed from the piping of ‘Mummy’ as I tried to concentrate on cooking, reading or listening to tv and radio. I couldn’t help but admire the equanimity and cheer of this young woman in the hands of her bundle of joy turned active prankster.

Then I realized that one of life’s deepest secrets for harmony and joy was unfolding before my eyes. A positive attitude towards distractions and diversions.  Learning to deal with them in a positive manner. You can not get away from your baby. She is you and you are her. Tucked away, she is still calling for attention. What to do? Accept the necessary. Do more than accept. Enjoy it. Your world is full of people. Family has needs – each different. Friends want to stay in touch – often passing on annoying messages. Colleagues have questions, queries and quests. They are your world and you are theirs. The busy-ness of whatever you are doing can not wish them away. Deal with it when they demand attention. More than that. Enjoy them. Enjoy the different throws each day, whenever it gets thrown at you. That is the way to find harmony and joy on a daily basis.

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