The end should be at the beginning

Another hugely successful author in the 20th century was Stephen Covey. His book ‘Seven Habits of Highly Effective People’ says that effective people are those who have a clear picture of the end of their pursuits at the beginning of the journey.

I find it intriguing that the Bible starts with the end that God had in mind – heaven and earth. Compare Genesis 1:1 with Revelation 21:1. The focus at the beginning was to create heaven and earth. After all was said and done, He made a new heaven and a new earth. The purpose of the pursuit never changed.

Keep a clear vision of the end. Make a habit of writing down the vision. The reason for which you started the journey. This is why vision and mission statements are so important. This is what will motivate others to come in and help you

A vision statement sets out what you want to see by the end of the journey. A mission statement states succinctly what you will do to achieve what you wish to see. What happens between the vision and the mission are the strategic goals that will lead to achievement of the vision. Goals that reflect the necessary priorities, direct your planning, and help you prepare for every stage of achievement.

If you don’t want your dreams to perish, write the vision down. Mobilize help, set goals and implement them. Don’t allow laziness, fear, intimidation or challenges to stand in the way of the most precious gift of all – the vision at the end of the rainbow. This is one of the deepest secrets anyone can teach you. Please keep it, and learn to clarify the vision and purpose of any venture very early. It will keep you strong.

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