The tree in the seed

I ended my usual morning ‘quiet time’ with hopping excitement. I had been staying in this hotel in Kumasi during the week that we worked there. As part of my daily routine, I woke up around 4.30, soaked in the part of the Bible I was currently studying, and set off for my prayer walk (time of exercise which doubled as time of prayer).

There was an orchard right outside my room and the oranges were wildly fruiting. Each tree was heavy. I heard the quietly whispered question somewhere between my head and heart. ‘How many seeds can be found in the oranges on one tree?’

I stopped and looked carefully at just one tree. It had no fewer than hundred oranges in various stages of maturity. If each orange had ten seeds, that would be a thousand seeds on that one tree. There were about fifty trees in the orchard. My mind that so balked at any form of arithmetic started to reject the work of thinking.

The second whisper came. ‘Each tree here was started with only one seed. It is this one seed that has birthed the hundreds of oranges and thousands of seeds they will give in just this one season of fruiting. This one season will make available many thousands of seeds for planting and these can yield millions of seeds in their own harvests. You only need more ground and careful attention to receive multiple blessings and unending cycles of blessing from every little talent in your hand.

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