One year on …

It is already one year since JustTrudy joined the world of websites. I have enjoyed every step, every word, every story. I pray that you have too. I feel as if the Holy Spirit is celebrating this anniversary with me as I landed on the story of Deborah in this Series 21. And this is why I say so. If there is any person in the Bible whose scope of life rings familiar, it is this lady judge and poet. Examining her life and work this week has been an exercise of joy, and a testimony of the graces of faith to me.

Can you share with me on Facebook, any lessons you have learnt from reading these blogs? Any insights you picked from a particular blog? And best of all, any testimonies that came from following the mentoring and leadership tips I have been sharing? And if it is a suggestion to make the journey lovelier, tell me that too!

With warmest and sincerest wishes for your wellbeing,


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