Series 2: Adam

The story of Adam, corruption and strengths and weaknesses.

Series 2 explores the critical theme of Leadership – the complex concepts that holds the key to how people and groups achieve dreams, visions and goals. The location of exploration is still the Book of Genesis

How I longed for escape from parts of my life that simply strangled! From the routine of driving three hours every day to and from work and not sure of when this routine it would end. From watching everything I ate or said because of the desire to achieve a certain result from good food.
So here is the next question. Where do you draw your strength from? What are you feeding your soul from the materials you watch, study, focus on and walk towards? Who is counseling you? What do you regard as wisdom? What rules of life do you apply? What are your key operating principles?
‘It’s the fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. What we are seeing is evil. Good has lost its influence and control. Evil has shown its face’. He spoke in great pain. Eve shivered. ‘I thought it was going to make us powerful? Why do I feel weak and unable?’
That group makes me nervous. Their faces can usually be found in the business class section of flights. They enjoy money more than they are able to legitimately make it. So much exceedingly and abundantly more. So how could they care about how it comes?
Emotional intelligence helps us to recognize the deep veins of fear, sometimes laid in childhood or teenage, when we are most vulnerable. These veins can send arrows of blood into our consciousness and activate anger against people we barely know just because they remind us of some earlier bad experience we had. They are veins that jaundice our responses before they are intelligently framed.