Work It Out

May 19, 2018

That guy Noah is so strange. Talked to himself all the time. And he calls it praying. Five hundred years old till he had children and all the while, he insisted on being faithful to his wife. Who does that? In a time of great wealth, learning, culture, license and liberation, he claims a need to listen to ‘God’. Who does that?

His carpentry business has done well though. The guy is diligent, pays attention to details and will deliver on time. And won’t charge you a cowrie more! Of course, you can cheat him. Everyone does that.

What’s interesting is that he still manages to make money. Rumour has it that he has enough projects to found a city. To take over a whole stretch of land. Push some uninspiring people out of their possessions and show us what the power of money can do! But Noah said no. ‘God’ said to build him an ark with his fortune! What is that?

A high vessel. Built with exactitude of dimensions. Designed to float on water. Engineering at its best. Then design. Then a zoo! A park of flowers on one floor, and a food court on another? Not only botany and architecture laid out, but agricultural economy. Store food at right temperature and in right qualities. I’m told there’s wiring for lighting in there too. What is that!

Never seen so much skill displayed in a project. So much learning. So much technicality. Information. So much insight, focus, perseverance. Work, work. work. Day and night. And he said God is the director of the initiative? How is that?

God is meant for singing. Worship he wants. Sacrifice of bulls and goats. Then bowing and praying. If you want more, wear strange dresses that cover you and are not sexy at all. That’s what you do with God. But God at work? In construction and design and management? New technologies? Zoology? Preservation of a civilization? Spare me. At work, you work. When you talk God, you waste time. That is that! Work it out!

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