Listen to Him

Should you be listening to what you are listening to? From TV, radio, everyone wanting to pour sound your way? I don’t think so. I wish I had the time to do the research of how much unnecessary sound we allow into our lives on a daily basis, but even without doing so, I am sure many of us listen to too much. Too much of what we will not need or use because of the lack of value in its content.


I cringe when people do not value relationships and so are careless with them as they travel life’s journeys. Every penny adds up, so a habit of saving is to be coveted – even if its savings in a piggy bank. Then I also cringe when people are afraid to tackle challenging situations such as marriage, new businesses, and projects just because they don’t have ‘enough money’. The value of money comes only when well leveraged.

A man of war

What do we do when attacked by spiritual enemies that will decimate us in the natural? Diseases that claim to be incurable that appear suddenly in a family going about its quiet business? Deaths, divorces and addictions that were not courted or anticipated by families? Business destruction from external forces when we have worked diligently and ethically? Even worse is the fact that they can come in multitudes – a thousand on the left, and ten thousand on the right. The comfort given to those who trust in God come from several sure positions

Strategic living

If you carefully set your goals in a clear manner, and consistently take steps to carefully protect the goal from being interfered with, no matter the incursions, influences, interventions, presences and inputs of others, you will arrive at the goal. Your living will be strategic, focused and directioned. Your life paths will all be carefully directed at arriving at the goal.

Walk like a lion

The teacher, mother and coach kinds of leaders run in tight little steps beside the group, constantly looking sideways or behind them to check that every member of the group is keeping up in the right direction. They talk directly to different members as they walk with them, and reflect the attention of the shepherd who is anxious about the safety of the ones they are walking with – rather than looking up and striding ahead of the group.

The road less travelled

Instead of being cowed by the storm, eagles find the strong winds provided by the storm, and leverage on them as assets to achieve its’ goals. That is strength, wisdom and courage combined. I can’t think of a better combination for achievement. Be an eagle. Fly high. On the road less travelled. You only need the wind, and the storm will give it to you.