Social Profile: Samson

A man like Manoah. That is the expression that comes to me when I think of Samson’s father. A man with a keen sense of the protecting role he has around his family. A man confident about his spiritual standing enough to demand to see the prophet that had prophesied the unusual message to his wife. A praying man entreating God and making offerings when God visited his family. It is from this background of loving and caring parents that Samson grew up. His parents were strengths around him. To the extent of following him into any destination he chose. Samson was secure in his family environment. 


Out of this security, he seemed to have developed the tempestuous and wilful side of his personality. What Samson wanted, was what Samson got. Brash, impulsive, sensous and unrestrained, Samson seemed totally unaware of taboos and barriers. This got him into undignified situations like losing his new bride to his friend and eating honey from a dead lion, despite his Nazarene status. Samson seemed to lack emotional intelligence. 


What were Samson’s values? It did not come out clearly in the story. He knew how to fight. Beyond that, it is not clear what direction Samson intended to move at any time. He did not seem to be following a vision, because he cast no vision for anyone to follow. He seemed incapable of mobilizing the people of Israel to join in his fights. So though his personal strength was unqualified, he simply seemed unable to connect with people, communicate with them or rally them around any common cause



Effective leadership takes a potent mix of abilities and attitudes, and not just social position. Secondly, the perfect can be spoilt. With extravagance, negligence, recklessness and lack of mental control. Leadership requires that we carefully balance our emotional, spiritual and social lives. Seeking and handling of power always demands the personal subjugation of the powerful, or you can destroy a perfect situation.

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