Striking the iron when it’s hot

June 2, 2018

Not all opportunities are good. I can assure you. This is because opportunities are not only occurrences, they are significant junctions that can affect your direction for good or confusion. New job with shinier prospects. Scholarships you read about and are available, though unplanned. A new guy/girl who takes a fancy to you while you are in a steady relationship. They come packaged as brilliant opportunities. But should you turn to look at them, stare long and follow them, be aware that they could mean a derailment of any carefully laid down plan.

So when the iron looks hot, take time to reflect. Will this opportunity come again? Where does the opportunity fit in the goals set for this season of your life? In the living out of the dream of life, and in the arrangements of where your road is supposed to go, does this opportunity fit? Will it ring optimal and ensure strong chances of achieving the dream life? Or will it only derail the passion, momentum, adventure of living at this moment?

I ask these questions because opportunities often pop up without invitation. Worse still, they can come through after you have chased them for a long time and given them up for ‘second best’. This is why you must always stay alert about diversions. Prepare for them, and don’t let them derail you. They may take you on a detour where you lose the rainbow. Think of what you may lose when options are presented.

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