Giants in the grasshopper

A rose by any other name will smell as sweet. So why do we bother to call it a rose? It is a rose because it is a rose. If it was any other name, it would be that name. There’s an incredible notion, which is scientifically true. Since the beginning of mankind, there’s been only one of everyone. So there is only one of you, and never again will there be another you.

No room for inferiority/superiority complexes in leadership: are you kidding me?

Someone put it this way – ‘your attitude is speaking so loudly I cannot hear your words’. This is the burden of validity and acceptance in leadership. Leadership demands authenticity. And authenticity demands that we make every effort to align what we feel internally with what we are expressing outwardly. The result is integrity.

The unseen hand: The unseen Father

May the Lord lead you to the anchor of knowing without a doubt, that you belong to one larger than yourself. May your identity be shaped deeply by a sense of belonging to the everlasting God, and the majestic values of His commandments and covenant, never any fleeting circumstance, no matter how dire or beautiful it looks.

Gideon: Wheat in the winepress – Judges 6, 7, 8

Gideon takes center stage in Series 22. How did Gideon transition from a cowering wimp to a towering giant who led Israel for another forty years? What shaped his inner content such that his outward actions took on different dimensions? We delve deeper into the role that a proper perspective of IDENTITY plays in being successful in life.

New on The learning window

One year on, I’m changing ‘Through the Window’ to ‘The Learning Window’. This new window will set out the lessons I’d like to draw attention to through the scriptural focus of the various blogs. I’ll be sharing the learning I got from those readings with you in concrete points – and I hope you will give me feedback on your learning points too. Welcome to the Learning Window!