Fire and anger – on Christmas Day

The man and woman were intensely arguing. I felt sorry for them. What was so wrong that Christmas couldn’t cure? Of course, I was being silly. I recalled similar situations in my own life when I didn’t care that the day was beautiful. Arguing to settle differences still made perfect sense. Just as I passed them, the craziness went beserk. The car swung sharply to the left, into the shrubs lining the freeway. One of them must have instantly reacted to the peril their anger had placed them in.

Enjoy each pull

Then I realized that one of life’s deepest secrets for harmony and joy was unfolding before my eyes. A positive attitude towards distractions and diversions.  Learning to deal with them in a positive manner. You can not get away from your baby. She is you and you are her. Tucked away, she is still calling for attention. What to do? Accept the necessary. Do more than accept. Enjoy it. Your world is full of people. Family has needs – each different. Friends want to stay in touch – often passing on annoying messages. Colleagues have questions, queries and quests. They are your world and you are theirs.


I think the rainbow expresses the complexity, the process, and the effect of leadership. It takes many strands of values, attitudes and formulations of activities to lead oneself and any group successfully. While the strands may be different, they have to move in harmony. The diversities have to be carefully layered in order to lead to the desired effect of beauty and elegance and progress.

War and peace

When we fail to align the internal truth of what we believe and ascribe to, with the external truth of our work; when we fail to speak up – and pretend to be part of what we do not believe in, we open ourselves up to ‘war’. War in our own souls. War between our internal and external worlds. War in the outcomes of our lives. We live a disintegrated life. And when the bubble bursts, we are the ones that will be expelled.

The uprising (Exodus 24 and 32)

Aaron and the rest came down the mountain, shocked that they had seen the ancient God of their fathers, eaten and drank and remained alive. For days after they came from the mountain, none of them could speak and tell their story. Gradually, the fear started to leave them, though the mountain remained engulfed with fire, and Moses and Joshua failed to come down. 

A special person

And do not let anyone make you apologise for your deepest desires and directions. Those desires and directions define you. What will make you happy as you walk, trip or run along. It is all quite esoteric, so if I were you, I would study me. Frankly, if there is any subject you should watch closely, it is who you are, and your callings and assignments. Therein lies the key to your life’s work.

Priests and Kings

Is there a purpose to all the stories in the Bible? Is there a purpose to this all-engaging worship? Can faith not be done in an arms length arrangement? Can one not believe that there is a God without reading a book this God is supposed to have written through people, get to know a son he is supposed to have birthed through a virgin, and be among people alleged to be of like faith called the church – who largely have human failings?